The Ethical Case Of Brittany Maynard's Death With Dignity Law?

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Brittany Maynard is an ordinary 29 year old woman. Her and her husband, Dan Diaz, is trying to start a family after being married for a little over a year. After months of enduring unbearable headaches, Brittany has learned that she has brain cancer. After undergoing two surgeries to stop the growth of the tumor, Brittany learns that the tumor has returned. However, the tumor is more aggressive upon its return. Doctors give the newlywed only six months to live. Brittany considers many options, including radiation, medication and passing away in a hospice care in her home in California. Brittany does not want to burden her family with any of these scenarios. Brittany has chosen to die with dignity. California does not have a Death with …show more content…
Euthanasia to be a controversial problem because there seem to be no grey area, no concrete right or wrong and continues to be a highly debatable topic. I believe the Death with Dignity laws is effective in the states that have it and should be become a law in all states. Death with Dignity laws enables and insure the rights of terminally ill patients to hasten their death. I also believe the law is effective because it gives terminally ill patients a choice. Perhaps many of these patients do not want to burden family members with their declining health, suffering and agony. According to the Death with Dignity website, the top three concerns terminally ill patients convey to their doctors when requesting medication was dealing with wanting control over their final days (Death with Dignity, 2014). Patients want to take back control over an illness that has controlled them for so long. Perhaps terminally ill patients who chose Death with Dignity are trying to claim their lives from an illness that robbed them of life. If people have the right to abort a pregnancy due to complications or simply because the pregnancy is unwanted, then a terminally ill person should have the right to end their agony. Why should one termination be frowned upon more than the others? By enacting the Death with Dignity law in every state, individuals are given a sense of control of their lives; furthermore, it gives them assurance that their love ones will not have to witness them

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