Should Students Be Paid For Good Grades? Essay

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Should Students be paid for Good Grades? “There is no question that people will work hard for money at any age” (Peterson). There are programs around the country trying cash-reward programs out. For example, there are some schools in Washington D.C. trying these cash-reward programs out that give students cash awards for getting good grades and/or test scores. The schools think the incentives are working because test scores are boosting and students are working harder. The cash incentives prove to actually work because students feel like they are working for something they want, which is the cash. Schools and parents should provide financial incentives to students for being a good student because incentives motivate students to learn and have good attendance. Financial incentives motivate students to learn more and get better grades. In a recent experience, Cottingim’s daughter was motivated to learn because of the incentive. “My daughter got a check for $500, Cottongim said. One school, Woodbridge High in Prince William County, Woodbridge High, had a 29 percent jump in AP tests and similar bonuses” (Fleisher). Incentives work well because the boost in test scores proves that the financial incentives are behooving students to try their best and do their best in school. Students are working very hard or at least much harder than before they had the cash-reward program because a 29 percent jump in AP tests is a large amount considering how many students there are. Also, that…

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