Should Steroids Be Allowed? Professional Sports? Essay

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heating muscles: the use of steroids in sports A cool summer breeze flows through the air as we are impatiently waiting for the next pitch with excitement. “Crack!” The ball rockets into the air and it looks as if it could touch the stars. Another home run for my favorite Yankee, Alex Rodriguez. As he trots around the bases, the crowd screams and roars with appreciation for the man who has just won the game and continues to lift the city. Little did myself and all Yankee fans know that this would be the last time we would see him for a whole year.This would be undoubtedly the start of the end of his career. Alex Rodriguez would be convicted of illegal steroid use by Major League Baseball and was to serve one of the longest steroids suspensions ever; a full year away from baseball. This incident only capitalizes on a growing argument on whether steroids should be allowed in professional sports. For this dilemma, I believe that steroids should not be allowed in professional sports because it takes away from the morality of the game, it is detrimental to athletes physically and mentally, and it gives off a tainted image to younger athletes. Although it may look like steroids are making athletes stronger they are actually weakening them from the inside out. Steroids are not only extremely unhealthy, but actually directly affect many body systems. ;
Adolescence signals the beginning of the end of skeletal growth, and steroids can hasten this process, shutting down…

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