Should School Uniforms Be Worn

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Imagine not having to coordinate your outfits every single day. The only answer would be to spend time thinking of your different clothing combinations. But who wants to do that? Why not wear uniforms instead? uniforms should be worn in all schools because it prevents many things. In fact they’re pleasant to wear according to your school, and saves your time in the morning for outfits. Wearing uniforms leads to less gangs in school, there would be no bullying, and it also saves your parents money.

In schools there would be a total less amount of bullying, when everyone in the schools have the same outfit which means no can bully anyone by their appearance. But there can possibly bullying but not on your personal appearance. In schools students
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But with everyone wearing the same things there wouldn't be many gangs. Also makes it harder for gangs to bring weapon because you can see it on them.When you wear uniforms you can't have anything else on u for example like another top over it and things like that.

Parents get to save a whole lot of money on clothes In this age group. If u buy the uniform u don't have to buy it again,and where In non uniform schools kids have to buy new clothes every week or month according to them like I'm the winter and in the summer you don't need to buy any new clothes same uniforms.This also doesn't make families look poor or rich since both families can afford uniforms and both children in each family wears the same outfit to school everyday. This also controls dress code for all families about their child because uniforms are appropriate for schools and they would have to wear the uniforms without no choice.

My point is to say that school should wear uniforms because it saves parents money,less chance of having gangs in schools, and decreases the amount of bullying at school. Those are the main reasons but they're are other reasons for students to wear uniforms but to convince an adult those would be a good option to

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