Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

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Many studies show that uniform is a way of keeping teenagers killing each other over some designer jacket, pants, or even shoes. Many teen think about taking their life away because of the way they look or for what they cannot afford to wear. Having uniform on our school program could have many positive benefits.
School Uniform would take away the reasons kids treat each other's different (Model School). Many students are treated superior just because they have expensive outfits and designer clothing. The school program that we have right now is teaching kids to care more about what they look like than the person you really are.
If we had uniforms parents would spend less money on clothes, and they would have more money for school
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Complying with the district’s standards dress code like how low-cut can a girl shirt be before it crosses from appropriate to inappropriate or how baggy it’s baggy? Also on urban school will make a lot of progress with violence or robberies.
The bullying will drop. Many kids would have less pressure because they would not have to worry every morning about what to wear because they will have to wear the same thing every day . Uniform would teach kids that what they wear does not really matter and personally and attitude is more important than a pair of Nike shoes.Many parents have fought to have school uniform because it would less stressful and it would save them a lot of money . Kids or parents would not have to worry about if what they wear match or is appropriated so you do not break the dress code.
People said that the uniform would give the students responsibility. They would have to take care of their uniform because they have to wear that everyday. Also many parents said that having school uniform would be really expensive. Let’s be honest buying a Polo shirt, a pair of khaki shorts and pant at the beginning of the school year is way cheaper than having to buy clothing all the time your kids feel like
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On back to school shopping many parents have to spend a lot of money buying their kids new clothes and shoes. What about the moms and dad that can not expend 200 dollars buying clothes for their kids? On the other hand, if we had the school uniform parents would only have to spend at least 60 dollars and their kids clothing, and they would have something to wear for the rest of the year.
People said that one of the problems of the school uniform is that kid would not be able to be or find who they really are or where they belong. By doing these they are teaching kids that what's on the outside is what matter. If your kid thinks that they can’t be who they want to be because they’re not wearing what they want too then that's a problem.
The school uniform would eliminate a lot of the competition on school. Creating a positive environment and easier life for students. If students do not have to worry about what to wear their morning would be less stressful. Havin a good morning would make the day way better for the

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