School Uniforms Argumentative Essay

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Time in class is saved due to school uniforms. The dress codes at school can cause students that violate them to leave school due to getting in trouble. School uniforms can take care of this problem completely. Tracey Marinell, Lyndhurst, NJ school district superintendent states in the article "Uniform policies save valuable class time because they are easier to enforce than a standard dress code" that before the school had a uniform policy, "Kids were spending time in the office because they were not fulfilling the dress code... That was time away from class." So teachers often time see improvements in the student's behavior and attendance in the classroom. School uniforms let education be the top priority and lets the school be a true place for learning. Since they cause less problems in the school, learning becomes the main focus. The whole purpose of school is to give students the opportunity to learn and become prepared for life. If all that they're …show more content…
With everyone wearing the same thing, students are less likely to bully each other and everyone in the school becomes unified. Teachers, parents, and student's lives are made easier because of them. They significantly improve the learning environment and learning becomes the number one priority. School uniforms are beneficial in many different ways to the school system. Uniforms keep the bullying down in schools. Some students can't afford the expensive clothes and this may cause others to pick on them. According to the article "12 Advantages and Disadvantages of School Uniforms", "Many students who are unable to afford the newest fashions or name brand clothing are ostracized and made fun of. School uniforms puts everyone on an even playing field and prevents this type of bullying from happening." This goes to show that this type of bullying would not be an issue anymore if we use uniforms. School uniforms will eliminate bullying caused by

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