Importance Of School Uniform Essay

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School uniforms are necessary elements of educational system.
Every school is in essence a learning environment, which assists learning is acceptable and hinders learning is unacceptable. When the students show up with paints below waist, skirts above knees, or tight shirts with sexist or racist signs, this is not good appearance to view nor a good representation for the school. School uniforms are essential for school students because school uniforms contribute positively to student’s behavior and make life easier to students and parents.
School uniforms are significant for helping students to appear more professional and to behave accordingly. According to a study by University of Houston, wearing school uniforms reduce student absences and disciplinary problems. Besides, it can possibility impact the students’ grade in a positive way. (Emerypemery, 2010) The concept of school uniform is the students wear the same style, material, and color, which can avoid students competing or comparing with each other in fashion way and distracting by fashion trends and status symbol clothing. Therefore, when students are dressed in regulation uniforms, they can focus less on fashion but learning in school.
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And it should help with developing a strong team mentality and decrease the numbers of students in bullying and teasing. There will be no opportunity for no one to pick on others’ clothes, who cannot afford brand clothes. “The advantage of school uniforms is for students to feel a stronger sense of unity with other classmates. School uniforms provide students an identity with something greater than the individual. Students who wear school uniforms are shown to be having stronger work ethics because they are more aware of what others expect while they are in uniforms.” (Pollick, 2016) By students are all dressed alike, it can help students not to isolate from groups but feeling equals at

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