Should School Uniforms Be Required? Essay

1292 Words Nov 29th, 2016 6 Pages
Should Students be required to Wear School Uniforms? At most private or religious high schools, students are required to wear uniforms. Many people and parents of students would like to start incorporating uniforms into public high schools. Wearing uniforms takes away any sort of diversity, making all students match and wear what would be considered “school appropriate.” With that being said, putting students in uniforms mandatory for that particular school makes the students appear as if they were one; it takes away the freedom of students to express who they are through clothing. Most people are aware that the first amendment of the constitution states that one is granted guaranteed freedom of expression. A school dress code is necessary to an extent, however, it is unconstitutional to punish a student for wearing clothes that represent what they stand for and who they are as a person. School uniforms take this freedom away from students, making an unvarying atmosphere, causing students to not be able to learn diversity in the real world. The most common opinion on why school uniforms should be a requirement for all high school students is that, “ It allows students to concentrate on school rather than on what they 're going to wear or, for that matter, how they 're going to pay for it,” (Grant). This suggests that with the use of school uniforms students can solely focus on getting a quality education, rather than having to worry and stress about what they are going to…

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