Should Parents Allow Kids Use Smartphone And Tablet

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Should Parents Allow Kids Use Smartphone and Tablet
People often complain that parents should not give smartphone or tablet to their kids. As smartphone and tablet become popular, kids are also one who are surrounded by the technology. Parents like to give mobile device to kids simply because it is easy to make them calm. However, there has been many criticism on especially preschool kids using smartphones and tablets. Many people claim that mobile device is harmful for kids because it hinders social skills and mental growth in kids and kids can get in trouble. Although many parents do not let kids use mobile devices for those reasons, mobile devices actually help kids development because they can learn many things with educational applications
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Television has been the media which kids spend time most, however, it has a big problem for kids. Robert V. Kail and Cavanaugh C. John point out that “because TV provides ready-made, simple-to-interpret images, children who watch a lot of TV become passive, lazy, thinkers and become less creative” (262). On the other hand, the superiority of mobile device is that it allow kids to interact during other media such as television and magazine make them one way passive consumers. According to James Stayer, chief executive of Common Sense Media, even though there are issues about too long screen time, new digital device such as smartphone and tablet is probably better than passive TV viewing for young children when it is blended with good content ( Kang, Cecilia). Moreover, Shirley R. Steinberg insists that children should withdraw from being passive receiver and it is important to have ability to deal with massive information surrounding them (26). Since mobile device is just a substitute of traditional media and kids anyway spend long time with media, mobile device would be a better option for kids. Thus, giving kids mobile devices instead of letting them watch television is good for their development because they have interactive behavior and think by themselves with mobile …show more content…
Against the myth that kids just plays brainless games with mobile devices, they often use well designed educational applications which allow them learn variety of things. The important fact parents should know is that mobile device actually helps kids being just passive consumers of traditional media and lets them think by themselves. In addition, the anxiety among parents that kids will be suffered through using mobile device can be removed with proper parental control. Parents should be aware that the world surrounding their kids is totally different from what they had, and should rather think how they let their kids use mobile devices than ban using

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