Analysis Of Have Smartphones Destroyed Generations? By Jean M. Twenge

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“Have Smartphones Destroyed Generations?” is the question Jean M. Twenge asks in his article in The Atlantic Magazine. The article highlights the influence of smartphones on the present generation. In the article, the author, proves his claims by comparing survey data of two different generations, the GenX and the iGen. The author declares that the current generation is safer physically, but are on the verge of a mental-health crisis. The article lists all the problems the American teens are facing because the excessive use of smartphones and how those problems are destroying their health.

The author mentions that while he was researching on generation differences, he noticed abrupt shifts in teen behavior and that many of the distinctive
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Several surveys have proved that higher amount of on screen usage results in a teen becoming unhappier and depressed. Social media has increased the loneliness factor in many teenagers because it is a platform which tells them about the hangout plans they weren’t included in. Teens who are heavy users of social media have increased their risk of depression by 27 percent. Heavy use of social media also increases the risk of suicide. Post the introduction of iPhone the homicide rates have decreased but has in turn increased the suicidal rates in the …show more content…
The author urges parents to set mild boundaries to keep kids from falling into the harmful habits. Because rather than keeping technology away from them it is important to demonstrate a more responsible and moderate use of technology.

Highlighted in the article is also one essential point that the author discovered during his conversation with Athena. While in conversation with Athena, the author saw ‘hopeful signs’ that teens themselves are linking some of their troubles to their omnipresent phones. This leaves the readers with a ray of hope that the teens themselves would reduce the use smartphones.

Overall, the article was a good mixture of examples and evidences from the targeted group itself. It assisted parents and teens to relate themselves to the stories and data presented in the article. In all, Jean M. Twenge pleasingly answered the question he raised “Have Smartphones Destroyed a

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