Should Marijuana Be Legalized Essay

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It has been a long debate that has been argued over and over whether marijuana should be legalized. It is important to note that marijuana for a long time has been sanctioned for thousands of years, but mostly in the line of medicinal purposes, religious activities and for recreational purpose in the entire world. Conversely, the government of the United States realized 1930’s that marijuana was fast posing a threat and decided to make up false news to the public regarding the adverse effect of the substance. During that time such propaganda was referred to as ‘Voodoo Pharmacology.' These are a form of propaganda that pollutes the mind of the public about substance use, implies that when an individual uses such drugs, then there is a high probability …show more content…
Marijuana has been tested for several years, and it has been to the common knowledge that the drug is a safe therapeutic substance. On the other hand, medical experts have proven that marijuana can also be used as a pain reliever especially for those individuals suffering from cramps and headache, it also assists in reducing nausea, stress reduction alongside depression and aid asthmatics improve breathing process. Additionally, it helps in preventing Glaucoma from escalating, induces drowsiness which is very important for patients suffering from insomnia and therefore helps in releasing physical pain.
It said that anything that has a positive effect must also have its demerits, and marijuana is not an exception. The substance has does have its faults, for instance, memory lapse rate, temporal bloodshot eyes, yearning for food, fleeting dry mouth and range of paranoia alongside anxiety depending on the person using it. At the moment close to 11 states in the United States have legalized Marijuana but with limitation and recommendation from a medical expert (Banys and Cermak,
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Conversely, 613, 986 out of 697, 082 were arrested while in possession of marijuana alone. The recent BJS report indicates that close to 59, 300 who are within the custody of the police were charged with the possession of marijuana are serving their jail sentence (Kleiman, et. al, 2016). This amount of marijuana usually cost approximately 1.21 billion dollars per year. Logically in the event that marijuana was legalized, then those 1.2 billion dollars could be directed to criminals that are more precarious or more significantly make several changes that could better the

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