Should Marijuana Be Legal? Essay

1056 Words Nov 12th, 2015 null Page
Marijuana is Better for the Individual and Society.
Marijuana is looked at by society as a mean, bad drug ,yet alcohol has caused more problems in society and to the individual than marijuana has. The government has not made alcohol illegal ,but marijuana is still illegal in every state except for four states. Why did these states decide to make marijuana legal? Is marijuana better for society and the individual rather than alcohol?
People who have consumed alcohol are aware of the dangers it can cause and eventually result in death. People that smoke marijuana know that it can not be overdosed. Aaron E. Carroll, a Professor of pediatrics at Indiana University, said he would rather his children smoke marijuana than drink alcohol. The only problem with marijuana in America is that it is illegal the only danger of it is getting caught with it.
Marijuana is used for so many things, such as the recreational user who wants to kick back, relax and feel good.There are those who use it for medical reasons such as cancer, diabetes, glaucoma, and many other things that marijuana has been used to help cure or ease the pain.
Many people have argued that they would rather drink because the can have a couple drinks feel fine and still be able to drive and function in society.They say that with marijuana if a person takes one hit you 're high and they believe that you can not function anymore, that is not proven to be true. There are a lot of factors of how high a person can get when…

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