Essay about Should Marijuana Be Legal Restrictions?

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Weed. Ganja. Dank. These are just some of the street names referencing the “third highest used substance in the world behind alcohol and tobacco, respectively” (Global Drug Survey, 2015). Since the early 20th century, cannabis has been subjected to legal restrictions in numerous parts of the world; Canadian cannabis use and supply has been under strict criminal control since 1923: “with recreational use criminally prohibited under the federal drug-control law” (Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, CDSA S.C.1996, c.19). However, in the past few decades, changed perceptions regarding recreational cannabis use has taken over internationally; And in Canada, since the 1960s, when cannabis control became controversially debated as a result of “expanding focus by police on cannabis law enforcement; resulting in rapidly increasing numbers of criminal arrests and convictions, largely of recreational users” (Giffen et al. 1991). The global change in attitude and perception has resulted in numerous legal changes by American states such as Colorado and Seattle, legalizing recreational use, whereas countries such as Mexico and Chile have decriminalized cannabis. In Canada, a current illegal status – apart from medical use – exists resulting in a colossal debate regarding the future of joints in the judicial system. Consequently, with changing attitudes and new statistical information, it is crucial for the advantages and disadvantages of legalization to be neutrally analyzed, along with…

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