Should Hunting Be A Harsher Crime Overall? Essay

1809 Words Dec 10th, 2014 null Page
“Hunters kill more than 200 million animals yearly, the annual death toll in the U.S. includes 42 million mourning doves, 30 million squirrels, 28 million quail, 25 million rabbits, 20 million pheasants, 14 million ducks, 6 million deer, thousands of geese, bears, moose, antelope, swans, cougars, turkeys, wolves, foxes, coyotes, bobcats, boars, and other woodland creatures” (Idausa). Animals around the country are being killed by the millions in the United States alone. These cruel and heartbreaking acts are being justified by hunters and poachers around the world manipulating the negative connotation of hunting. Not only is the food chain being negatively affected due to these careless actions, the results and deaths are heartbreaking. Although hunting is viewed as a lifestyle and beneficial by providing meat and plant sources for our food markets, many argue that hunting should be considered a harsher crime overall. It has been a sport for years and has always turned out to be positive with no immediate signs of extreme changes in the food chain. A food chain is how an ecosystem transfers nutrients and energy; one species will always affect another in some point. Every plant or animal will somehow affect another plant or animal and depend on it for survival. Therefore, we should be more considerate and understanding of our ecology and have more respect for different species of animals. Without obedience to hunting laws and regulations, animals are becoming extinct due to…

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