Essay on Should Guns Be Allowed On College Campus?

724 Words Nov 17th, 2015 3 Pages
Introduction: Guns are everywhere, and are made from many things like for family protection, hunting dangerous animals, or just to protect themselves. Primarily Guns are meant for killing, whether it’s a bad reason or a good reason. Many people use guns for committing crime, intimidate others, and perform mass murders upon people. In some states, people allow to exercise their right to bear arms thru a conceal carry permit which give the people a scent of protection when it comes down to crime. Over the past years, college campus have been invaded with territorial like the act toward students and staff. Which lead to the question? Should guns be allow on college campus or shouldn’t be. Although Some Students prefer that gun should be allowed on college campus, other are suspect because violence will be increased, raise accidental shootings, and create a mood of fear. I. Violence will be increased if guns was allowed on campus. A. Gun Violence 1. Having a gun on the campus can promote violence among student if an altercation happens on the campus. Someone can seriously get hurt or kill because of a gun being involved. 2. Allowing guns on the campus would only cause problems for students and staff and would only lead down a road to violence at the school B. Shooting Spree 1. The many shooting spree is caused by a student who have access to a gun or know

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