Essay about Should College Students Have Laptops?

1037 Words Apr 11th, 2016 null Page
An Unnecessary Present
Many students have complained about if they had a laptop, they could study more easily, and their grades would go upper. Because of this, some people advocated that University of Oregon should give new students laptops to help students’ studies. However, many statistics show that grades and academic qualities have no correlation with having a laptop, which means there are many excellent-performance students study without owning a laptop; there are also many students, who have more than one laptop performed poorly on academic level. Consequently, University of Oregon should not buy every new student a laptop because University of Oregon cannot afford it, and laptops do not guarantee success.
Some people may say that University of Oregon should buy new students laptops because laptops help students be successful for several reasons. Having a laptop could ensure a student have access to the Internet at most of the time. It also gives a student abilities to do assignment electronically, such as writing essays on Google documents. Since libraries sometimes do not have available computers for students to use, especially during the finals week, having a laptop allows a student to study and surf the Internet at any place, at any time.
However, none of those reasons is convincing. Students could have access to the Internet through many types of devices, such as smart phones and tablets, and most of these devices are cheaper than laptops. Many cell phones and…

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