Should College Right After High School? Essay examples

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A person must have the right to want or reject their education. Only that person will know what they desire in the distant future. Although too many students are enrolled into school, they have to right to choose whenever they are ready to attend college.

Students all have different ways to learn, study, teach and fight. However, if a student is completely opposite compared to others, it does not mean they should not attend school or that college is not for them. As Price states “ the pressure is so powerful that we basically tell graduates of high school that they will be losers in life if they don 't go to college”, is where we as a society go wrong (Matt Price). The more pressure we put on students to make them believe they need to go to college right after high school is the problem. Being a student, I took about a year off from school and began to work. Mainly as an experiment and to have experience of what life was not having college education, I, then decided to go back to school and use my experience to begin a career path for myself. A student should be encouraged to do better by motivating them with a speech or show them of how fantastic life can be without the “C’s get degrees”. As a student who attends college, I feel like I’m never going to be academically or financially ready. Academically no one should always be ready because academics should not be easy but built with challenges. What kind of job would they get if they did not know how to challenge…

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