Should College Athletes Be Paid? Essay

1297 Words Nov 12th, 2015 6 Pages
Have you ever been watching a college sporting event on television and wondered how much the schools actually gain on having these sports? Well the answer to that question really is not that much. In 2010 the average net revenue of division one college football was 3.15 million, but 43 percent of the schools in division one had an average net revenue of 2.87 million in losses (Chua). This is because the schools that play in the bowl games end up spending more to play the football games then what they would make in the end. So after all the money is distributed over the college for paying the coaches and paying for equipment and other things in their sport programs there would be nothing left. This is why they should not pay college athletes because the schools would end up becoming in debt. These college athletes think they should get paid and maybe some should but if the players that think they should get money it means they are pretty good, but if they just work hard at the sport in college they will get rewarded later if and when they get drafted to the NFL. The same goes for the basketball players because just like football they have an opportunity to go pro just like other college athletes. They should not get paid because most of their college is paid for so if they do not go pro they are still getting whatever degree they wanted for almost no cost and you cannot beat that. Some other reasons are that the cost of paying athlete’s would be way too high, the athletes…

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