Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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College is very important and plays a major role for anyone that attends. It is where they learn life lessons, and find out who they really are as a person. Very few people are fortunate enough to be able to go to college, much less being able to continue to play sports. College can be very expensive for some people but some can also use their talent from the sport to get scholarships. Which brings up the reason of why college athletes should be paid. Most of the athletes aren 't able to receive full scholarships for all of the years of their college experience. Which means that they have to provide for whatever the scholarship doesn 't cover, which can be expensive for some depending on the college. Organizations like the NCAA, make hundreds …show more content…
It requires multiple hours of concentration and practice to become better and preform to the best of their ability. The percent of students that have the ability to continue playing from high school and continue on to college have a combined total of 6% of all high school which have a total 7.4 million high school athletes of all sports ("NCAA RECRUITING FACTS" 2). The amount of time these athletes spend practicing are equivalent to a full time job which is 40 hours a week, and some exceed that time and spend even more time. When players work a full time job of practicing their job their should be a pay cut for their dedication especially since the NCAA organization is an 11 billion dollar company. Which makes the NCAA more successful than the professional NBA and NFL organizations. In the end, college athletes should be paid due to their hard work and dedication. They should receive more than a scholarship if they help produce money for organizations. And, for the athletes who don 't receive a scholarship and can 't work a full time job because of NCAA rules, they should be paid for that. How do they expect for them to pay off their college debt if they can 't work to make

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