Should College Athletes Be Paid? Essay

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College athletics have always been an essential part of American culture, and they have gradually developed into a multimillion dollar industry over the past century. Big time college sports have not only made schools popular, but have also made them wealthy. Schools are making million dollar deals with private corporations through advertisement, merchandise, and broadcasting rights. However, debates erupted when people started to wonder where do college athletes, the backbone of the athletic program, benefit from all this. Although they receive their athletic scholarship as a form of payment. Some people argue that it is unfair for college athletes to not receive payment, many of them are still financial incapable of covering all of their living expenses. Academic standards are also low for college athletes, and many of their education opportunities can be compromised for more training. Some people argue that reform should take place to focus on providing adequate financial support and higher academic standards for college athletes. Others claim that the college athletics model today is perfect and there is no need for a reform to take place. While their argument seems reasonable to many people, reforms should take place in order to provide athletes a better place for learning without struggling financially.
One of the most prevalent argument against paying college athletes stipends is the claim that it will turn athletes into employees of the school rather than students.…

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