Should Cloning Be Legal And Practiced? Essay

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It is quite possible that the key to the future of human life is ourselves. The advancements in cloning technology have progressed to the point that in the near future we may see the possibility of cloning human beings. The most medically beneficial idea in cloning humans, or more likely parts of humans, is that it completely simplifies the way we treat patients. The two categories of cloning are therapeutic and reproductive. Therapeutic cloning involves treating injured body parts by regrowing stem cells in the afflicted area. Reproductive cloning deals with the creation of human beings with the use of human DNA (“Cloning”). The breakthroughs in science and medicine with the introduction of human cloning would be a big step in the direction of a brighter future for all of mankind. The cloning of human beings should become legal and practiced for the benefit of future human life.
However, this concept is still very controversial in most parts of the world. Specifically, therapeutic cloning is criticized for altering of human embryos. "A decent society doesn 't build the foundations of its biomedical science on the creation and destruction of human embryos," argues William Hurlbut, an ethicist from Stanford University (“Cloning”). It all depends on when an embryo is considered a person. A majority of opponents to cloning view all stages of human life on equal grounds of importance. They believe therapeutic cloning is unacceptable because it disregards all human dignity. And…

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