Should Cell Phones Be Used During School? Essay

1089 Words Nov 26th, 2014 null Page
Buzzz buzzzz. A phone vibrates during the lecture and the teacher takes it away. Cell phones: they are incredibly useful, but they have no place in school. Students have been going to school for years, and until now cell phones were not an issue. Students have excelled in school prior to the invention and popularity of cell phones; they are not necessary in school in order to succeed. Cell phones in school cause an abundance of issues to both the students and the teacher. The use of cell phones can have negative effects for students and create disruptions for the teacher. There are many reasons why cell phones should be used during school. The use of cell phones during school could lower the amount of punishments students receive. The students could not get in trouble for having their phones, leading to a lower rate of punishment. Cell phone use in school could help in class learning; teachers could have students download apps that help the students to learn. Cameras could be a helpful tool, cameras on phones could be used for projects and homework assignments (“The”). New topics could be brought up much faster in class due to there being more access to the outside world. In a class where recent news is necessary students could receive news updates via email or text. The most important reason people believe cell phones should be allowed during school is for emergency situations. Emergency situations could occur both in school and in the family. Situations at school could…

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