Should Animals Be Used For Medical Testing? Essay

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In discussion of animal rights, one controversial issue has been whether or not animals should be use for medical testing. On the one hand, some scientists argue that animal testing has contributed for many cures and treatments. On the other hand, animal rights activist contends that alternative methods now exist that can replace the need for animals. Others even maintain that animal testing is an essential part in medical research. My own view is that animals should not be used for medical testing because is no longer necessary now there are methods that are safer and have better results than animals do.
People tend to believe that when a drug had work on an animal is almost sure that it would work on humans as well. Animals and humans share some similarities, but this does not guarantee that those medicines or other products tested on animals would be useful for humans. It have been proven that not all medicine tested on animals had work on humans. According to the neurologist Aysha Akhtar “over 100 stroke drugs that were effective when tested on animals have on humans, and over 85 HIV vaccines failed in humans after working well in non-human primates” (Akhtar 3). In making this comment, Akhtar urges us to not trust in any medication just because it has worked on animals. This clearly shows how animals are not the most reliable method for medical research.
There are some drugs that can harm animals, but that can be helpful for humans. A good example of this is the aspirin…

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