Essay on Should Animal Testing Be Banned?

803 Words Nov 15th, 2016 4 Pages
Animal testing is a broad subject with many crucial elements. Although, the term, animal testing, is essentially defined as the use of non-human models as testing material. The number of animals used as testing subjects are continuing to rise all over the world, particularly in the United States. Every year an estimated 26 million animals are used just in the United States alone for scientific and commercial testing purposes (Hajar). While there may be some benefits of animal experimentation, the drawbacks are what everyone needs to consider concerning the welfare of animals as well as the ethics of these studies being performed everyday. Virtually, the importance of this subject is extremely significant, as animals are not as inferior to humans as we may think they are. Therefore, should animal testing for all purposes be banned? Animals have a range of emotions and can feel pain and suffering just as humans do. A scientist may be unaware of and may not realize when an animal is undergoing severe pain and/or distress (Rowan). Along with the suffering that the animals must undergo, most animals are either euthanized after the experiment or die of intentional causes during the experiment. There is always the constant fear that effects brought on by the researchers themselves, could kill the animal before the actual experiment does (Rowan). People to this day believe that animal testing is exceptionally justifiable because humans are superior to animals and therefore should…

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