Should Abortions Be Legalized? Essay

1900 Words Feb 16th, 2016 8 Pages
Everybody believes something in today’s world, and it’s guaranteed you can find someone who disagrees with you. I chose to discuss a currently controversial topic, if abortions are ok and if women should have the right to get them. Personally I belief that women should have every right to get one, for three main reasons. First off, they are people too and should have control and a choice with what they do with their own bodies. Also victims of rape and incest should not be forced to carry out an emotionally and physically unhealthy pregnancy. Lastly, the ages that women typically get pregnant and want abortions, do not have bodies fully developed for childbirth, resulting in a dangerous and potentially deadly childbirth. Discussing this topic with someone who strongly disagreed with my viewpoints on this was certainly interesting. My peer who I discussed this with had a few of her beliefs rooted and stemmed from religion, which broadened my view to something I was not as educated in as she was. Her first belief as to why abortion was wrong was because the bible says it is wrong based on the bible verse Exoduses 22:25, which basically says it is not our place to decide if someone lives. Her second reasoning was that is was wrong to kill a baby, which a cell becomes at 8 weeks when it has a heartbeat in her opinion. Her third reasoning was that more effort is put into saving animals, especially when they are babies and people value animals lives more than people’s lives, which…

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