Self Regarding Conduct Analysis

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People should be given the right to absolute liberty when it come to self regarding conduct. This is one of the few freedoms that people have left. Almost Every other aspect of our lives is controlled in some way or another. Governments and other powers are trying to intervene and dictate what is allowable in self regarding conduct, but we as a people must rise up and protest. In this paper Self regarding liberty, and social domain will be defined. Then examples of self regarding liberty will be discussed followed by analysis of the criticisms.
Self regarding liberty, described by Mill directly, and in the first instance only affects him or her self. It can also affect others only if the give their consent and agree to the participation in
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No other person should have the ability to dictate our lives in such a manner. We are rational human beings; we know what can happen if we partake in certain situations. The government doesn’t need to dictate what we are allowed to do to ourselves. They already control every other aspect of our life.
One major topic of discussion in todays political climate is abortion though it is legal in many places there is still an ongoing debate about it. I believe that it should be legal. It is a women’s body; hence she has the liberty to choses what to do with it. If she believes that the best course for the fetus would be an abortion, then she should be granted one. There are many reasons why a woman would want one including rape, birth defect, life of the mother etc. Whatever her reason she has the freedom to choose what to do with it, for it is part of her
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One of the main situations or actions is smoking. It is well documented that smoking causes cancer and many other horrible side effects. When a smoker gets cancer, society is the one to pay for it. This is through taxes used to fund the medical system. Another situation that has negative effects on society is being obese. Every person has the liberty to chose what they can eat. Many choses the unhealthy option and chose not to exercise. This leads to many different health problems which once again society bares the weight of this decision. Many thousands of our tax dollars will go to deal with all of the different health problems of an obese

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