Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay

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Abortion Anti-abortion really stirs up many questions on whether or not women have the right to have an abortion. Being against abortion, I think that woman should not have the right to have an abortion, and the human fetus is a human being that does have the right to live and fulfill a spot into today’s society along with making an impact in some way. Who knows what that fetus could be or could do, without giving it a chance to the gift of life who will know their possibilities? Nobody will know if that aborted fetus was the next president or the one who found the cure for cancer, unless it has a chance by law to live. When it does come to a case of incest or the mother’s life is at risk, I do alter my perspective of what should be done to the fetus. Many opposing views and anti-abortionists have stories with backed up statistics. To change the views of what abortionist doctors, lawmakers, and people who want to make a difference about abortion. Some lawmakers who have made some decisions cannot move forward. Since medicine has pushed back the date which fetus is working properly outside the womb. Along with ultrasound from 1970s. (Graham K.1) There has not been an exact law that prohibits nationally or globally whether or not women have the right to an abortion. Some states have “trigger laws”, limiting and regulating use of abortion. Many may argue that laws may violate young women’s rights (Johnson). That young women under the age of 18. Can make the decision on their…

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