Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay

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Woman should be able to have the choice of having an abortion without ridicule and without reason. Incest is a real thing and is unfortunate but a girl at the age of 12 should not have to go through a pregnancy. There are pro-lifers who say no matter what if a woman is pregnant she should not be allowed to have an abortion. But in other countries people do not have the luxury of openly speaking their mind. It is easy to say abortion is wrong and you are weak if you have an abortion. But on the contrary, woman who do have an abortion are so strong because you are cutting yourself out. You are cutting your child out. Unwanted or not, going through an abortion is one of the hardest things a person can go through.
Although abortion should be legal across the world many pro-choice advocates want lower abortion numbers. How do we reduce the numbers of abortions? Manninen proclaims the way to reduce the amount of abortions is to have inclusive sex education that is readily available to everyone and that information is correct and always promoting that sex education. Another way Manninen argues to reduce abortion rates that woman who have the baby needs a financial support system. Manninen states that woman who are below the poverty line are 4 times likely to have an abortion because they simply cannot afford to have a child. So if there was a financial support to woman under that poverty line then there will be less abortions across the world. “The countries with the fewest…

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