Essay about Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Ever heard of, “Suffer the consequences”? I think that we all certainly have. From the time that were little kids till the time where we reach old age and become more and more dependent on other people. For women this always lingers in their head when they are to make the decision about pregnancy. More like the option of whether to get an abortion. Personally I am biased about the topic, so just for this time I will choose a side. Abortions are done for hundreds of reasons. Some of them being: rape, mental abnormalities, and the fear that the child might suffer. Although no one has the right to end a defenseless child’s life or any life for that matter, if the baby won’t be warmed welcomed then its best to not have it. As a wise man once said, “You can see into the future, and it’s pretty scary”.
Abortion may be the last resort for many woman. Normally abortions cause great pain to the mother, father, and/ or family members of both. It is definitely one of the hardest decisions that women face, because in the end it is ultimately their decision. “What could possibly lead them to make the choice”? Well you are soon to find out, from my perspective.
One of the highest causes of abortions in the U.S. are because of rape. After a woman goes through an act of violence, such as rape, they tend to fear all of society around them. Their fear of rejection by people and their emotional stresses increase significantly. If a woman gets pregnant as per rape, this can cause them more…

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