Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay

1979 Words May 22nd, 2016 8 Pages
Over the years many women have fought for their rights in this world, some women even dying for these rights. So when people wanted to overturn a decision that supported women’s right it was an uproar. Women fought for this decision to remain legal because it was there right. The right to keep abortion legal should not be made by the old white men sitting in office who do not relate to women in today 's society. The choice to have an abortion is not an easy decision for women to make therefore when women make the decision they should not be ambushed about making such a decision. Medical issues, women 's rights, and historical court cases are all reasons that abortion should be legal.
Abortion should be legal because many women in the US suffer from medical conditions that can cause a pregnancy to be unsafe. Babies are born on a daily bases in this world with diseases that can and do take their life. These things can be prevented by having tests done and permitting abortions. Abortion should be legal because of medical issues such as lupus, Trisomy 18, and Tay-Sachs.
Lupus is a medical condition that a women can have that can cause complications in the pregnancy while also causing life threatening issues for the baby. The woman that is carrying the baby can experience lower spin damage, a complicated delivery, and it can cause problems in her hip joints(Friel, Lara A.). The baby suffers the most from this condition because “Lupus antibodies can cause the baby to have low…

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