Why Abortion Should Be Illegal

Abortion can cause you death . After seeing why it should be illegal and why it SHOULD be legal . Even if it is true how each woman has the option to do whatever with its body , it still should be illegal . There is so many ways to protect yourself . While some girls are aborting babies , others are crying a lost , or wish they could have kids since maybe they can not . It just breaks my heart how some women just DO NOT CARE .Abortion should be illegal because innocent lives are being killed by one’s actions.

Every human being matters . Not just because it is a fetus , and small does not mean it does not feel pain . For example , the independent do not matter more than the needy . Why have sex if you are not going to take care ? Why have sex
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Abortion is more dangerous than childbirth . There are two different abortions , surgical and medical abortion . A surgical abortion involves having a surgical procedure and a local or general anaesthetic . To surgical abortion there are two methods , Suction Aspiration and Dilation and Evacuation ( D & E ) . You can have Suction Aspiration only if it’s 7 to 15 weeks or pregnancy . The Dilation and Evacuation can be used after around 15 weeks . Still though , it’s very …show more content…
Protect a woman health . Abortion is about allowing women the r to make choices about when they want to have children in relation to their age, financial stability & relationship stability. It is the not the place of government to legislate against woman 's choices. Each women has there own body , there own uterus , and their own feelings . If the women that is pregnant , will not feel ok having the baby , and will not give it enough love , than she should just have an abortion instead of the baby suffering . For tens of thousands of women with heart disease , kidney disease , severe hypertension , sickle-cell anemia and severe diabetes , and other illnesses that can be life-threatening , the availability of legal abortion has helped avert serious medical complications that could have resulted from childbirth . Every child should be a wanted child. If women are forced to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, the result is unwanted children. Everyone knows they are among society 's most tragic cases, often uncared-for, unloved, brutalized, and abandoned. When they grow up, these children are often seriously disadvantaged, and sometimes inclined toward brutal behavior to

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