Essay on Should Abortion Be Legal Status Of Abortions?

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Recent research has revealed an unmistakable trend in the ever growing disgust towards the current legal status of abortions. Although countless people perceive the debate ultimately to hinge on whether life begins at birth or conception, significantly more (such as the health effects and alternatives) needs to be considered when making a morally correct choice on the legality of the abortions.

In the civilised society we live in today, even the prospect of murder is bone chilling for many. But ask yourself this; what makes abortion different to murder? Murder is the premeditated act of intentionally taking away human life. Abortion is indisputably a premeditated act, and it certainly ‘takes away’ the foetus, but is the foetus classed as life? It is scientifically proven that life begins at conception, not at birth. It’s a fact. There’s no moral difference between a child one day before delivery and a child one day after delivery. Birth is merely a change of location, not a change from non-personhood to personhood. Even by dictionary definition, a foetus, when merely a blastocyst (a bundle of cells), is classed as a ‘life’. A human life. Abortion takes away this quality and is in direct defiance of the commonly accepted idea of the sanctity of human life. How can we condone this? The cold, undeniable truth is that abortion is murder. Dress it up in any way you like, but the fact remains.

Taking away any form of human life is completely unjustifiable in any society at any…

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