Should A College Education Be Free? Essay examples

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Should a college education be free for everyone? Many people would argue that a college education should not be free, while the other half tend to argue that a typical college education should be free. A strong argument for providing free college education is to help those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds earn the ability to rise out of that level of poverty. Some argue that with a changing workplace, the ability for unskilled laborers to find employment that could support themselves and a family has dramatically decreased. Further, due to the rising cost of college, there has been the effect of disproportionately keeping minorities from achieving higher education and ultimately trapping them in poverty. There is plenty of opposition to providing universal free college due to costs and risk of tax increases, however there are some plans already in place that show these concerns to be more theoretical than practical. In order for us to achieve our greatest opportunities, we must all have an education that will support us in those endeavors; more importantly, a higher education should be free. President Obama has recently proposed a free community college program. Although, this would only provide for the first two-years of a college education, it is a good start down a path our country must partake. President Obama has stated, “[I]t’s something that will train our work force so that we can compete with anybody in the world” (New York Times). The President’s plan would…

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