Short Story Of Carlitos

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Do you know how it feels to be here, in this world, without a reason? I do. CRAZY!! You're now thinking exactly that of me, but what I have lived nobody does it. People had told me go to church, believe in God, but I thought he wouldn't change everything. WHY?? Because he had never influenced me or make me happy or good things. Now all you are having questions who I am, so I'll tell you my whole story.
I was born on a gold cradle, literal, in the best hospital in all Spain, with the best doctors of all Europe. Yes, my Parents got a lot of money. They had all what they wanted. I was the second of 5 brothers. The first one was named Carlos, like my father; but we usually called him Carlitos. He was 2 years older than me. He was kind happy when
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YES, A MANSION!! It was so big that now I don't remember how many rooms it had. It was so big that I had 3 rooms: a bedroom, a game room, and a video game room. Of course Carlitos also had that 3 rooms. I had a lot of fun in that mansion, rarely we were going outside, we have it all inside; 3 butler, 2 chefs, 5 men and 2 women who were in charge of the cleaning of the mansion, and also we had Gary. Gary was the bodyguard of my entire family. He was a big black american guy that was very funny and protective, most of me. Well, and almost every day came more than 20 people that work for my father, and stayed almost all day: from 10:00 to 20:00. We also had a big mini golf field, that my father remodel each 2 months, each of the 18 holes, because they were too boring because we played in there a …show more content…
Benjamin was returning home more tired than other days and he not wanted to eat or to play whatever. So my parents took him to a sport health doctor. In there he received the worst new in his life, he had diabetes. Since that moment he started living in a depression. He would not play soccer anymore, but that wasn't the end. One week later the doctors noticed us that they needed to cut their legs to survive, because they needed to take the excess of sugar out. I tried to talk to him, how he was, what was passing through his head, or say him that he could began a new life; but it was useless. All he wanted was play soccer, and I understand, life took over the meaning of his life, he was destroyed. So after the operation, he decided to finish his life; he suicide. It was unpredictable or inimaginable, it was simply a

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