Short Story: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie '

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The first book that was ever read to me in the English language was called “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” --the book that allowed me to become the person I am today. Can you believe that? A children’s book defines the journey of my continual life. Inspiration comes to people in many forms and ways yet this one book read to me by my first-grade teacher, Mrs. Jenks, stuck with me till this day.

“I do not belong here” was the first thought that came into my head on the bright, sunny day of September 7th, 2005. It was a crisp and clean smell that day as if it rained the earlier days. This day, marked my first day of school in a new country. A new life for me. However, it was not my home. My home was Pakistan, so why would my parents be selfish
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Jenks began to distract the class from me as she grabbed a book off the dusty, old brown shelf. It was filled with books, some untouched with thick layers of dust on them. It smelled rotten. She picked out a white book with a neon green background. The cover had a little creature on it. A mouse wearing overalls. What? Since when does a mouse wear clothes? As she began to read the first page, I was in awe. I know it does not make sense since it’s a rather simple book but to a child who did not have any knowledge of the language, it was everything. The book intrigued me and allowed me to feel a sense of comfort. It felt like maybe things will end up okay for me. The way words flowed so easily inspired me to want to learn. I wanted to be able to read just like she was. Instead of keeping my head down, a smile spread slowly across my face. Maybe my new life would not be so …show more content…
It scares me. It always has since that day in first grade. Due to the fear that resided in my mind of being laughed at again, I had always refused to open up. I knew that was not the way to conquer my fear. My goal has always been to become a person that would overcome people’s judgment and be happy with who I am. My language may not be English, but it is a language that I am proud of. It defines me as an individual and where I come from and there is no fear in that.

Every day since that book was read to me, I would go home and sit at the computer watching videos on YouTube or opening books and having my mom read them to me. Over time, I got better at pronouncing and enunciating words which allowed me to sit in class every day and be happy. I would be that weird kid sitting there reading a dictionary but I did not care. I was comfortable, this place had started to feel like home to

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