Imitation Of Life Movie Analysis

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Imitation of life That film is
Lora’s transgression exacts a punishment that explicitly highlights her violation of her maternal role. Lora was not a perfect model mom and she lost her daughter’s respect and love. They portray how she wasn’t a perfect mom since the beginning of the film when she lost her daughter and was looking for her. She neglected her daughter and try to persuade her daughter that she made everything for. It was clear when Susie ask Lora how about mother love? You have given me everything but yourself and this the most important thing for any child. Lora succeeds to achieve her goal but she lost the most precious thing for any mom her daughter’s love and respect. We see how the relationship between Susie and Lora was when she fell in love she didn’t tell Lora, but went and told Annie.
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This movie depicted how Annie was a good mother since the beginning when she brought sandwiches for the girls. How she took care about everybody, and how she knew everything about her family. Although Annie was working, she was caring for the two girls she read the Christmas story, and advice teenaged. Annie was a sacrificial mother she did the hardest thing as a mom that she accepted to let her daughter do what she wants however that broke her heart. Annie plays a perfect role as a mom, and function as a foil to Lora in order to reinforce of

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