Amazon And Comparison: Amazon Vs Walmart

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Amazon has become the shopping method of choice over the past years, as a result Amazon is now worth more as company than the archaic Walmart. Before the internet Walmart was the top one stop place to shop for all of someone’s needs. At the time it was the most innovative form of shopping the human race has seen. However, after the internet and eventually the perfection of Amazon there has been a drastic shift. People now prefer the form of online shopping of Amazon instead of Walmart. Over the past two years Walmart’s stock has declined greatly, and if they do not innovate and keep up with the times, they may struggle even more. They have made many attempts to catch up to Amazon but to no avail. As technologies develop internet shopping …show more content…
Amazon has great visionaries, meaning the company has clear plans and goals they want to achieve, and now they have the capital to achieve these goals. This leads to constant innovation, which allows Amazon to be at the forefront of the market when it comes to shopping. For example, Amazon wants to have almost instantaneous delivery, they achieved this by creating autonomous drone that can deliver a package in under two hours. The drones are very successful, in fact current legislation and laws cannot keep up with Amazon’s innovation. This sort of vision and innovation is why investors are trusting Amazon more than Walmart, which justifies and explains Amazons rapid stock price incline. Amazon has also expanded to other mediums such as streaming videos and online books. This amount of innovation allows Amazon to stay at the top of the market when it comes to shopping. With Amazon having such a big foothold in the ecommerce market, the less likely it is people will switch to another online shopping service, such as Walmart. For example, Walmart just perfects their online shop in order to attempt to compete with Amazon, but then Amazon brings in another innovation such as drones to make it impossible for Walmart to keep up. Amazon will not let another company get ahead of them out of being complacent, they are always looking to innovate and have some of the best visionaries in the world. Amazon’s innovation allows them to stay one step ahead of the completion, making sure they are still the shopping preference for the people of the

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