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Keonna White
December 19, 2013
Anatomy & Physiology

Introduction of Shingles

If you have had chickenpox during your childhood, it is sure that the virus has stayed in your system for numerous of years. But the virus has then been reactivated in later life, and that’s what causes the skin disease called “Shingles,” to develop. As well as chickenpox, there are other diseases which weakens our immune system. For example, HIV and/or AIDS can also cause Shingles to develop. Shingles is not considered a life threatening virus, but can become quite painful. Shingles is an extraordinarily painful condition that involves inflammation of sensory nerves.


The symptoms of Shingles include a tingling and irritated
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People who have a weak immune system are vulnerable to reactivation of the virus that causes shingles. There are multiple things that can weaken our immune system, like: being age 50 or older, recent surgery, serious illness or disease, such as cancer or AIDS, poor nutrition, stress, and injury. If you have not had chickenpox or have not gotten them, you still will able to get chickenpox if you are exposed to Shingles. People with Shingles can exposed you to chickenpox if you get in contact with the fluid in the blisters. Eventually, it may reactivate and travel along nerve pathways to the skin, resulting in a shingles outbreak. After an individual has chickenpox, this virus lives dormant in the nervous system and is never fully cleared from the body. In some people, it remains dormant forever. In most cases of shingles, however, a cause for the reactivation of the virus is never found. It's also called herpes zoster, but it's not related to the virus that causes genital herpes.

Treatments of Shingles

There is no cure for shingles, but treatment may shorten the length of illness and prevent complications. Treatment options include: antiviral medicines to reduce the pain and duration of shingles, pain medicines, antidepressants, and topical creams to relieve long-term pain. Your doctor may prescribe drugs known as corticosteroids and antivirals for shingles, such as Acyclovir. Placing a soft, sterile non-sticky

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