A Rhetorical Analysis Of Scholarly Essay

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Student: Khalid Anwahi
Rhetorical Analysis of Scholarly Essay

The main argument in the article what role could nuclear power play in limiting climate change? by Robert Rosner and Alex Hearn is that nuclear power plays a great responsibility in hindering the change of weather. The authors point out that it is within the ability of the modern international technical in doing away with fuel produced from the coal firms in the world by the year 2100. They add that it would be more challenging to achieve this by the given time span. The article adds that the hindrances would entail negative public understanding in doing away with the final product of the used nuclear and the concept of security. The authors conclude to the surprise of the people that if they can genuinely do away
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Socolow and Alexander Glaser contains four main arguments. First, nuclear power is capable of making a notable effort of doing away with climate change (Socolow & Glaser, 2009). Secondly, the world is not in a safe position for an immediate international increase of nuclear power (Socolow & Glaser, 2009). Thirdly, a globe that is to some extent safe for nuclear energy could mushroom as an advantage of the nuclear disarmament activity (Socolow & Glaser, 2009). The last argument is that the next decade is in a critical condition. The authors argue that although several methods of doing away with climate change are available for rapid increase, nuclear energy could be possible in around the next decade (Socolow & Glaser, 2009). This is only possible if this period is used to set up enough technologies and norms of control. The authors are very consistent in their articles, they state their position in the argument and back it up with facts, proof and statics. This will persuade the readers to trust the author, and a reader that trusts the author will tend to agree with them, consistency is very effective in building

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