Rhetorical Analysis: An Analysis Of The Rhetorical Analysis Letter

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After reading the rhetorical analysis letter written by my peer, I find out a few shortcomings that I made in the essay. My peer shed a light on some lacunas which will help me a lot in my future writings. As appreciating her efforts, I will reflect on her work to have a better evaluation of my project and acknowledge my mistakes.
First of all, with clear and sincere comments from my colleagues, I acquire a broader insight of my writings; moreover, I find a way to make my argumentative essay more convincing. In detail, as my peer mentioned in her analysis letter, I do not have the rebuttal part which is not required but encouraged to have in the Toulmin model. At first, I thought it would be unpersuasive if I use countered-arguments. Counter-arguments may bring different perspectives of the issue and lead the audience to a new view. However, my peer advice changed
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It is my fault for not concretely organizing the arguments which leads her to confusion. To be more specific, the two claims I brought about is women can overcome the stresses from unreasonable stereotypes and they have to go beyond the basic standard to prove themselves. I do not compare normal men and normal women, the objects that I focus on are more detail which are male and female leaders. Being a leader means that you will hold great responsibility. Nevertheless, being a female leader is even harder, not only will you suffer from stereotypes but also disrespect and motherhood penalty. As you can see from my arguments, female leaders have better understanding and ability, they deserve to be treated as equal as that of men. In short, the point that I tried to make is compared to male leaders, female leaders are better at profession, we should not underestimate them or block their way to success, give them a chance and show what equality really

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