Rhetorical Analysis: Thank You For Arguing By Jay Heinrichs

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Thank You For Arguing Analysis Essay
In the book Thank You For Arguing , author and narrator , Jay Heinrichs lives his everyday life through a rhetoric standpoint. Rhetoric is the study of argument and persuasion. Heinrichs uses rhetoric as a way of helping himself , those around him , and also for him to better understand what goes on in the argumentative world. Heinrichs feels that rhetoric is the tool people should use to help them succeed and improve their everyday lives in a situation, no matter what the circumstance may be. Regardless of which side you’re on , every argument has three basic steps one should follow to be successful. The first step is to stimulate emotion , the second is to change the opinion of the crowd , and the third
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Throughout the book, he encountered scenarios that caused for him to persuade his subjects to change their mindsets. An example of Heinrichs using ethos in chapter five when he links it to the movie 8 mile , the semi-autobiography of hip hop artist Eminem. In the final rap battle of the movie , Eminem is not dressed like the crowd in the audience or the competitors he is facing up against on stage. He also grabbed the audience’s attention by being the only caucasian contestant in the rap battle. Thus having all eyes , good or bad , he later uses various punch lines to insult his opponent , particularly telling the audience that he is a wannabe gangster when in reality he went to an elite prep school and is really from the suburbs and not the inner city that he portrays. By doing that , he has convinced the audience that his opponent’s hip hop manner is really a front and he is more of a phony than himself. Another example Heinrichs uses in his book in regards to ethos is in chapter six , when he linked ethos and virtue in regards to the book To Kill A Mockingbird. In the book during the court scene , Atticus Finch is looked at like a virtuous person , until his peers realize that he doesn’t agree with their beliefs that involve racism. He was trying to defend a man of color and constantly expressed that he isn’t racist at …show more content…
The chapter characterizes practical wisdom as a quality someone inherits. Those that have a lot of wisdom are good at getting tasks done and because of that they should be good at compromising , bringing individuals together , and being able to settle differences. (Heinrichs 108) Heinrichs conveys the concept to the reader by suggesting that someone uses this idea to judge someone’s core character and not just be fooled by their day to day demeanor. You can get to know someone’s true character with this method and not get caught up in just the things they tell you. This chapter is effective and meaningful to me because we all have jobs as human beings. You have to know a person’s real character so that everyone at the workplace can get along , make compromises , and be able to evaluate each other’s real personality and character and not just the side that people may present to the crowd. With these tactics , there will be less conflict and better

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