Sharon Lerner's The Part-Time Bind

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Women are well recognized for their capability to manage numerous responsibilities and tasks at the same time. They are able to protect their household especially their children and simultaneously give their time to their work. From way back, everything was different. The expenditures to live were reasonable and inexpensive like today. And it was enough for the husband to be the jobholder in the family. Nowadays, and due to the economy crisis women have began to hold their family. Not just for the financial requirements, but it is also important for women to present their capabilities in the society. Therefore, women will feel more comfortable while working and they will not depend on their men anymore. They do not have to worry if someday their husband leaves them because they will be capable to take care of themselves …show more content…
He describes that after the birth of the first child, women who are forced to leave their job in a way to take care of their children obviously will find themselves in crucial financial straits and this will lead them to search for ways that allow them earn money without neglecting their children. In addition the writer has presented the case of a mother of two girls and a wife of 56 year old husband who suffers from several health problems. She was looking to have a work that will allow her to take care of her girls and her husband also. She met another mother who has almost the same case of her through a local online group of mothers. She was signed up with an online company in which she will be able to work from home through the internet and earn the money she needs. In addition, the writer showed in his book that the percentage of mother who have children below 18 and prefer part time work ( 60%) higher that the percentage of women that felt that full time work was the ideal situation for them

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