Maryanne Kearny Datesman's American Ways: The Value Of American Women

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In chapter eleven of the book American Ways which is written by Maryanne Kearny Datesman, Joann Crandall, and Edward N. Kearny (2014), expands our knowledge about the value of family, how it plays an important role in the Americans’s lives. It also helps us know more about American’s self-reliance, they like to take their own decisions and they certainly don’t want to be controlled by anyone in their family. In the past, American women used to be presented as secondary to men. They were undervalued, had no voice in the family and were considered as a “homemaker” who didn’t work outside of the nest. These were the same circumstancese that used to happen with Vietnamese women. Deep in Vietnamese men’s mind, the best place for women was to stay …show more content…
Years ago, women were usually presented as secondary to men in both countries. They had to stay home to raise their children, managed household and didn’t work outside. Men used to be known as the “breadwinner” and women used to be called “homemaker”, yet both men and women are the “breadwinner” in the family nowadays. Women can have their voice in making final decision of the house lately. Although it is said that women and men are equal to each other, men often earn more money than women do in the same job or even in the same position. One of the biggest challenges for Vietnamese female to be in the leadership position is that the society still remains a gender bias. Likewise, this situation can also be said about American women. Female leadership has less support because it’s hard for women to stay focus only on their career while they play a strong role at home, they’re not only employees but also wives, mothers and ones who take really good care of family members in the house.
The role of women in Vietnam and America nowadays has an important value in the society. In Vietnam, we have an idiom to show our appreciation to women: “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”. In my point of view, it is good that although women keep the beauty of their country’s tradition, they also fight hard for their equalitties with

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