Celia A Slave Case Study

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How does Celia, A Slave by Melton A. McLaurin show the changing views of slavery in the United States?
The year was 1619 when the first Dutch frigate sailed into the harbor of the colonial town of Jamestown, Virginia with its human cargo deep within its sweltering bowels. Unknowingly, the Dutch captain introduced the first captured Africans to the New World (North America) implanting the spores of a slavery system that evolved into an ordeal of unimaginable brutality and exploitation. According to James A. Henretta, “And so came the conflict. Called the War Between the States by southerners and the War of Rebellion by northerners, the struggle finally resolved the great issues of the Union and slavery.” In the book, Celia a young female
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During the antebellum period;
How does the trial threaten to undermine the foundations of slavery?

How do the events that took place outside of Calloway County impact Celia’s trial and ultimate fate and how do they help us understand the trial?
Events that took place outside of Callaway County do impact Celia’s trial and ultimate fate; whether it was on a minute scale or of an alarming magnitude. For instance,
Without slavery and the slave trade the westward movements on the Southern frontier would have been unsuccessful. It was the slaves, brought in either by settlers or traders; who transformed the Southern frontier from a wilderness into flourishing cotton and sugar cane farms and plantations. It was slaves, moreover, who represented one of the most substantial forms of capital to be found in the cotton kingdom.

When abolitionist began their crusade against slavery,

In a time of increasing industrialization and urbanization; rapidly changing are the roles of all members of society. Many men have left home to work in factories and more children are in school due to the compulsory education laws. Yet the duties of the women have unchanged and even grown more demanding,

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