I Am Malala Analysis

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Would you be courageous enough to stand up for your education? I Am Malala explains

the life of a girl who stood up for women 's rights and education through the face of threats and

violence. Malala took control of a situation that she previously could not and fought for herself

and other women like her who believed in the power of education. The Taliban tried to kill her

because they consider her a threat, but she continues to be a modern day hero. She stood up and

spoke out on behalf of her beliefs in a society and culture that condemned women for doing so.

Most people would not have such courage and this calls for admiration. Malala should be

considered a hero because she not only stood up for herself, but also her education
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Malala is a modern day hero because she stood up for the educational rights of women

instead of cowering back and continuing to let the Taliban take away their rights. She is not a

hero because she was shot in the head and survived, people get shot perpetually in Pakistan.

She’s a hero because she was shot in the head and used it as fuel to make her fight even stronger,

which takes immense courage and strength. She didn’t give up for a moment. She could have

went into hiding and tried to live a relatively normal life, but she grew even louder and more

persistent than ever. Thanks to Malala, women worldwide are inspired and know that they no

longer have to be victims of fear and violence. A real hero doesn’t keep quiet and shy away in

the face of danger; in spite of the fact that they might be scared to death, they fight even harder

and with a greater vengeance under the circumstances.

Women may seem like the lesser sex of the human species, but they are just as important

as men. Just like men are genuinely better at some activities, the same can be said about
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When doing the same activity, women often use

both sides of their brain, while men oftentimes use only the left side. Studies show that men do in

fact have larger brains, but with women having their brains more compacted, signals are able to

be sent and received at a faster rate.

In most developing countries, women feel inferior to men because that is how they are

raised. When a male is born, the household celebrates it because it is seen as an insurance since

he will be able to support the family. On the other hand when a female is born, the household is

somber because she is just another expense to the family since women are viewed as worthless

for anything but servant work in the home. “Women 's work isn 't even considered real labor.

Should a woman take a job, she is expected to keep up all her responsibilities at home in addition

to her new ones, with no extra help. Women 's labor goes overlooked, even though it is crucial to

the survival of each family” (1). A woman 's identity is stifled when “her family and society

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