Essay on Sexual Objectification Of Women And Women

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Sexual Objectification of Women If a woman today is asked if she has ever felt uncomfortable due to an unwanted compliment from a man, she will probably say yes. If a woman is asked if she would rather have the body of Kate Upton than her own, she will probably say yes. If a woman is asked if she has ever tried to lose weight or considered reconstructive surgery to get closer to an ideal body, she will probably say yes. These are all examples of sexual objectification and potential consequential feelings and actions. Today’s women are expected to live up to an impossible standard and feel shame when they fall short of it. They are seen not holistically but in parts, as if each part is an object. To objectify is to treat like an object (“Objectify”). When women are objectified, their emotions are left out of consideration and they are judged purely on how their bodies look. Some people might say that women are asking for objectification through how they dress or that women should take objectifying comments as a generous act of kindness. They fail to realize that women are free to express themselves by dressing however they wish and are often made uncomfortable with these ‘compliments’. Mental, emotional, and physical consequences can be evoked in women unintentionally through the objectification of their bodies from the media, other people, and even themselves. To start, the media is a gigantic contributor in the prevalence of the sexual objectification of women. The…

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