Sexual Abuse And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Numerous people look down upon those who believe in love at first sight, or those that believe they are in love after only a few days or weeks. They believe it takes time for someone to fall in love, that only with time can a person fall in love so intensely and greatly. It has become ever so much easier to get a divorce after 1969, when a was law passed stating that infidelity charges or physical abuse did not have to be present in order to get a divorce (Evolution). This would eventually lead to people not caring as much about who or when they marry, because it doesn 't have to be forever anymore. The problem is people do not put in the effort or time to fix their marriage, and rush into it not thinking about the long term commitment that it is. Falling in love quicker leads to marriage quicker. Studies show that couples who get married at a younger age are more likely to end in divorce due to not knowing who they themselves are yet, as well as having a changed preference in who they love after maturing more fully. In order to solve this issue of rising divorce rates, the only logical solution is to set standards on when and how to get married. Love has been around since the beginning of time. It started when Adam met Eve and continued through the ages along with religions such as the Greek gods and their many love
Thompson 2 affairs, all the way to Shakespeare 's Romeo and Juliet, and a multitude real life accounts. “the latest research tells us that it is possible to…

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