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Class Name | FTDipHTM11 | Module | Tourism Systems |

Assessment 1: Group Oral Presentation- 20%
(Learning outcome from Chapter 2: Structure of Tourism and Travel Industry, Chapter 3: Travel Intermediaries, Chapter 4 & 5: Accommodation, Leisure Facilities & Transportation & Chapter 6: Tourism Product & Market Segmentation)
This is a group oral presentation consists of 3- 5 students.
You work in a travel agency. A well educated and well- heeled middle- aged couple wishes to visit Europe and they have an interest in cultural tourism, loves sight- seeing and visiting winery. They want to customise a luxury Europe travel package with everything top- notch.
They seek your advice on where they should go. In order to
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Photo Journal of the country/ destination.
* Students are to provide a Photo Journal material for the country/ destination. Pictures should be accompanied by captions) must be produced, and laid out in a well- designed layout on an A3 sized poster. This material should be presented in the form of printed colour brochure during class presentation. Each group will only need to present ONE photo journal material.
(Learning outcomes from Chapter 6: Tourism Product &
Market Segmentation)
You will then develop a 35 minutes presentation based on criteria given. Buffer time of 5 minutes will be given to presenting group. Audience must be engaged in the presentation, especially in the discussion (please note that your presentation MUST be interactive and MUST involve the audience).
Presentation should be formal/ office dress code and PowerPoint presentation will be appreciated.
Group Presentation will be held on: Session | Date | Time | 1. | 03 October 2013 (Thu) | 10am- 1pm | 2. | 04 October 2013 (Fri) | 10am- 1pm | 3. | 09 October 2013 (Wed) | 10am- 1pm |

* Each team can decide how they wish to organize the presentation in terms their presentation outline and the audio-visual aids that are used. All team members must present and participate in the Q&A. Teams are encouraged to be creative in their presentations. * Group presentations require formal dressing, power-point and professional

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