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SERVICES MARKETING Assignment 1. What are the different scales used to measure service quality? Distinguish between SERVQUAL Scale and SERVPERF Scale? Which one is still dominating in services?

Ans. SERVQUAL or RATER is a service quality framework. SERVQUAL was developed in the mid-1980s by Zeithaml, Parasuraman & Berry. SERVQUAL means to measure the scale of Quality in the service sectors. The service quality model or the ‘GAP model’ developed by a group of authors- Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry at Texas and North Carolina in 1985 , highlights the main requirements for delivering high service quality. It identifies five ‘gaps’ that cause unsuccessful delivery. SERVQUAL was originally measured on 10
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Also, the correlations of service quality with customer satisfaction, positive word-of-mouth and loyalty are examined.From a diagnostic standpoint, SERVPERF shows empathy dimension needs more resources as itis having lowest performance score (P). However, SERVQUAL shows the greatest gap occurs inreliability dimension, which requires more resources.

2. Think about a service you received in the recent past. Is there a gap between your expectations and perceptions of that service? What do you expect that you do not receive?

Ans. The Service-Expectation Gap
The Gap Between What You Deliver and What Your Members Expect, and What You Can Do About It
I asked the E.D. of a small association if providing excellent service to her members was important. She gave me one of those duh – how can you ask such a stupid question looks and then replied “of course it is”. I then asked if she was meeting her members’ expectations. She became more thoughtful and started in on what was obviously going to be a long explanation when she stopped herself and said “Only by the lack of complaints and my gut feel”.
Part of the problem that associations manager have is that services are often measured more for how they “feel” to their recipients than to what they actually do. At a most basic level when buying a product or service, a person is looking for a

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