Essay on Service Innovation Fund Initiative Project

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Service Innovation Fund took initiative project to deliver their service in the bottom area. The want to ensure their project though transparency, improve government service and reduce their time and cost. Government sectors are more interested in research and fairly low compared than private sectors. SIF are trying to deliver their services through implementing the a2i’s innovation cycle and taking public services all the way to every doorstep with in the country.
Relevant Background:
Bangladesh won the Global Goals logos which were formulated during the Social Good Summit 2015 embodied by UNDP and USAID. Service Innovation Fund (SIF) took initiative project to accomplish the goals according to the Digital Bangladesh revolution not only in this time but also for the foreseeable future. Quick Win initiatives also known as “low hanging fruit” helped for creating enthusiasm in giving birth to service innovation ideas. Service Innovation Fund provided seed funding to direct and create innovations which delivering public services in less and fewer cost. The main agenda are to take public services all the way to every doorstep within the country.
Problem and problem Analysis:
• Participation of private sector is not well: Private sectors are motivated by money in individuals and copanies. Provide seed funding to pioneering and creative innovation for more cost effective to the public sector than the private sector.
• Conceiving about the future Service Innovation Fund…

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